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I am a Mentor whose hope is that together we will remove, or move, some of the boulders, rocks, stones or pebbles that feature on your career or life path which get in the way of your fulfilling your potential.

Clare Ferguson

A Bit About Myself

I read Psychology, Sociology and Politics at University and, after working abroad, became a Solicitor in 1976 and a partner in 1982. I retired in April 2015 having worked part time as a Consultant for the last 15 years in order to gain a better life balance. From early on I became a confidential sounding board for the many lawyers in the firm who felt they a second opinion as to what to do when faced with troublesome legal or ethical issues.

My inhouse career ran alongside, then followed, a successful career as a litigator during which time I tried to dextrously manage different personalities and egos as well as the the issues facing women (and men) in the competitive and stressful legal work environment. I was also on the Board of various companies at the same time. Juggling home and work life was a challenge. I always tried to take the decisions that worked best for me, consistent with my ambitions, values and hopes for my life. I also tried to assist people of all ages to make the choices that worked best for them, faced with their particular options and life choices.

Having undertaken both formal and informal mentoring in a legal environment I now have more time to undertake mentoring in a range of industries and professions where much the same issues arise with which I have become familiar.

I am a trained Mediator and am passionate about a number of causes that interest me.

What People Say

  • "You have been a good sounding board, always balanced, always calm and measured."

    "I will miss your judgment, your counsel and most of all your good cheer."

    "You have been a great source of wisdom and support...above all great fun!"

  • "You have displayed great wisdom and judgment in all our discussions and I always felt you had the measure of the problem. It is impossible to replicate you."

    "Thanks for being a great role model."

    "Who else shall encourage logic and calm thought in the face of stomach churning panic?"

  • "Your effort and commitment to bettering the firm and its people are an inspiration and will be hugely missed."

    "I have really appreciated your steadiness, warmth and good judgment."

    "It is 22 years since I first started working for you. In all that time you haven't changed - great fun to work with and a super teacher and mentor."

  • "Your sense of humour and 'straight talking' has been invaluable."

    "I will miss your style, your immense intellect and wry sense of humour."

Contact & Rates

I prefer to be contacted by email  My contact email is:,

I can undertake mentoring face to face at my Notting Hill house – 5 mins from the tube – or from my land line details of which I will supply.

My rate is £60 per hour payable by bank transfer or by cheque/cash. A typical mentoring might span 6 months and consist of one session a month. The sessions are confidential between us.

I look forward to assisting you with your hopes for your future.